United States of Trad: Julian Bond

It has been too long since my last United States of Trad post. This edition of UST features Julian Bond who recently passed away. Bond was a civil rights activist, member of the Georgia Senate, and subscriber to the Ivy League Look for many years.
Julian Bond Julian Bond will be remembered by most as a civil rights icon, but many in menswear circles will also remember him as any Ivy style icon. The image of Mr. Bond in his tweed jacket, Shetland sweater, and his OCBD peeking out from beneath is iconic. This is a picture is frequently pops up when someone is trying to illustrate the cool side of the Ivy League Look.

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Julian Bond Julian Bond 3 piece suit

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Mr. Bond contributed a lot to both society and the Ivy League Look. Although he moved away from the look later in his career he continued to be a sharp dresser. I can forgive him for that transgression as he like Miles Davis and Steven McQueen helped many see that there is a cool side to the look.

You can read more about Julian Bond’s life here: NYT Julian Bond Obituary

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2 Comments on "United States of Trad: Julian Bond"

  1. fred johnson says:

    Met Julian in 1968 at an African American Student Conference at the Univ. Of CT; a very powerful speaker and magnetic personality. And, if my recollection serves me, a definite trad dresser.

  2. Billax says:

    Terrific post, OCBD!

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