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It seems like everyone in the world around me is prepping for their fantasy football draft. Since I do not play fantasy football or even follow sports (, but I do love to play them all!) I thought that I would do my own fantasy draft of sport coats and blazers. Below I have listed my dream fall/winter sport coats and blazers.

  1. Worsted Navy Blazer
  2. Flannel Navy Blazer
  3. Mid-grey Herringbone Wool or Tweed
  4. Brown Herringbone Wool or Tweed
  5. Camel Hair
  6. Brown District/Gun Check
  7. Olive Cord

I think that I would be content for the rest of my days with jackets listed above. I prefer solid jackets, because they can be worn more frequently without being noticed. I do the same thing with my shirts and sweaters. It makes getting ready in the morning easy. I have also noticed that it allows my clothes to fade into the background which in my opinion is where they belong.

While the list above is a dream I am working towards making it a reality. This means no adding thrift store jackets that aren’t on the list, purging my small closet of items that don’t fit the list, and perhaps getting to that MTM sport coat that I have been putting off in hopes of finding one at a thrift store or OTR. The journey continues.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

13 Comments on "Dream Draft Wardrobe"

  1. Hey Jerrod-It’s the guy from Dayton here–now CBus–you may remember me–went to OSU, but almost a Tiger for Dave Maurer. (grades on the ACT were a little on “edge!” OK, I came clean. I love Wittenberg.
    Question Jerrod—are all those tweeds yours?? I am retired and just wear my navy blazers maybe twice a year! I am going to pull the trigger this winter on what I consider (IMO) the classic Harris tweed herringbone–the dark grey/white. It is so classic with my Bills khakis. (I know Jerrod, they are chinos of a khaki color–but you know the company name.) There aren’t many of us around in OH anymore my friend. You know and see it. You could pick me out of a crowd. Bills-always khaki color in the 8.5 oz twill M2–No pleats ever! 1.5″ cuff–Alden 986 in shell and the calf version LHS. Mercer OCBD in white or blue solids only. VERY simple. Why are the good guys who know how to dress like a gentleman going away???? (don’t answer—rhetoric………….) Love the blog and wonder if you do think I would waste time & money on the Harris tweed since I don’t work and would just toss it on for a happy hour in winter
    Joe in CBus
    Go Bucks!

  2. Tom – They are all mine! Thank you for the comment. It is good to hear from you! I don’t think that you could ever go wrong adding a a tweed to the wardrobe, even in retirement. I am sure that you will make good use of it whether even if it is just layering wearing it over a Shetland in the winter.

  3. Carmelo says:

    Jerrod,i like your winter sport coat fantasy draft.
    But what for summer,and what about suits?
    Which is your hypothetical,complete,ideal,fantasy wardrobe?

  4. Erik says:

    That’s a good list, Jerrod. I also agree that you’re better off waiting for the perfect jacket (whether MTM or OTR) than thrifting something more convenient. Thrifting is great (especially for low wear items like ties), but it can result in the acquisition of bunch of closet filler that you toss when you can afford something more ideal. Like the discipline required for exercise, saving your resources for what you really want is more rewarding than taking what you can get now.

    Also, I agree that Tom should buy the jacket if he wants it. Do what you like and dress how you want, Tom!

  5. Alexander says:

    This really sounds like a good selection that I should take into consideration.

  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    Carmelo – You are asking the hard questions! I think that I could add 3 summer, 3 spring sport coats, and be extremely content. The fantasy part I will have to give some deep thought.

  7. George says:

    If there is such a thing as invoking Fall, these must surely be the articles of the ritual. Love ’em. All of ’em. Also, I’m 100% in your camp re: sports, following none (save, perhaps, our local high school if they’re having a particularly good year in some sport) and actively enjoying them all.

  8. Fred Johnson says:

    I agree with your selection (and have all of them), with the exception of the camel hair. for many years I kept a camel hair in the rotation but I found it just was not as versatile as you might think. It only pairs well with dark or medium dark trousers and, in fact, became a little too predictable. I found I did not do much experimentation with it and eventually donated it to a thrift. I also thought that I put together better rigs without it just because of the limiting (for me anyway) trouser selection possibilities.

  9. oxford cloth button down says:

    George – Thank you.

    Fred – Thanks for the feedback. I think I chose camel hair strictly on the strength of my love for olive cords. It is a combination that I have always admired. You bring up some good points. I may have to rethink my choice.

  10. Charlottesville says:

    Great list, Jerrod, and some beautiful tweeds in the pic. I have most, if not all of the items on your dream list (I would need to sub in a tweed houndstooth for the district check), and they are the mainstays of my fall and winter wardrobe. I urge you to keep the camelhair on the list. In addition to olive cords (a great pairing) it will go well, and classically, with gray flannels. Because camel and gray are neutrals, you have nearly unlimited range for shirts and ties, and it will wear well despite being luxuriously soft; the 3 button sack I bought at BB sometime around 1990 is still going strong.

  11. Richard says:

    Nice list. No gray flannel suit for dressier occasions? I’ve found no more comfortable suit, and a solid mid or oxford gray would suit your understated style, I think.

  12. oxford cloth button down says:

    Charlottesville – Thanks for providing more feedback on camelhair. I have always been drawn to this fabric. Also, I should add houndstooth to my district/gun check category. It is a perfect fit.

    Ricahrd – You are correct in that A mid-grey flannel suit is very much my style. It didn’t make the list as I only get to wear a suit once a year at the most. Hopefully, in the future this will change.

  13. Hollywood Argyle says:

    What beautiful tweeds!

    I have a Polo University Club olive-ish green corduroy jacket, and it always gets compliments. I hope you can find a nice olive corduroy jacket to round out your fall lineup.

    If you don’t already have one, I strongly recommend that you have one charcoal gray suit in your wardrobe! Mine is worsted, and while I wear suits 2-3 times a month—and probably have more than I need—there’s no substitute for a charcoal gray suit. Perfect for meetings, interviews, weddings, funerals, court appearances, and dressy nights out, I can’t imagine not having it.

    My second favorite suit is my double-breasted Glen check. Its lighter weight makes it comfortable in warm weather, and its overall gray appearance, along with the classic pattern, make it almost as versatile as the charcoal gray. Still, if you have only one suit, it should charcoal gray. I hope you find yours!

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