The Summer of Moccasins

This summer is looking to be all about moccasins. I added a pair of LL Bean Signature camp mocs to my line up a last month, but it didn’t stop there. This time I turned to something even more casual.

What could be more casual than a pair of camp mocs you might ask. The answer is, probably nothing. What I meant to say is that I was looking for additional pair of camp mocs that are closer to traditional moccasins than shoes. My requirements were simple. I want a moccasin that is unstructured, flexible, and has a sole that allows for outdoor wear.
Summer MocsAfter some quick research I got my list of options together. I could purchase from Quoddy, Arrow, Russell, or Minnetonka. The prices ranged from $50-$300. I was leaning closer to the $50 side. The soles also ranged from a boat shoe style to double leather bottoms. I stayed away from boat style soles, because I wan’t looking for another shoe, but at the same time I was concerned that leather soled mocs wouldn’t last long with all of the abuse I was planning on giving them.

In the end I landed on a pair of classic drivers from Minnetonka (see here). This moccasin fit the bill perfectly. First and foremost, it had a great moccasin shape. Exactly what I was imagining. It also had a nub bottom s0le that will allow for me to wear them outdoors. I know that this will shorten their life span drastically, but I went into this purchase knowing that I was looking for a disposable shoe . The $58.95 price tag makes it manageable. If these mocs become the love of my life I may look into a more expensive version in the future. Until then these should do the trick.

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7 Comments on "The Summer of Moccasins"

  1. Murray says:

    I’ve been looking for the same kind of mocs. Did you have to size down like the review on the Minnetonka product page suggested?

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    Murray – I bought the same size that I wear in Weejuns and Sperry. That worked for me. However, I tried the Moose Drivers as well and they fit at least 1 size smaller than the Classic Driver.

  3. Roger C. Russell II says:

    I live in Memphis TN. for about ten years now Colehaan Driving Mocs are the rage for the young guys.
    They bounce in price from $120-150. I don’t know if this is just a regional preference for my area. They are too narrow for my feet so I do not own a pair. However, my 14 year old son has managed to make his last this school year with some pretty hard wear.

  4. JimG says:

    My son wore through a couple pairs of the Cole Haans while at Ole Miss. Referred to them as “frat cleats”. Although graduated and working he still sports a pair from time to time.

  5. JOA says:

    Rancourt has a very nice pair of driver’s that are carried by Harrison Limited in Alabama:

    Though I’ve never owned a pair, I like the vibe of them, particularly the way P. Johnson Tailors (Australia) and Sid Mashburn style them. Your pair seems like a nice entry point that I may consider as well.

  6. Robert says:

    What are the shoes in the top photograph?

  7. oxford cloth button down says:

    Robert – Both shoes featured in the post are Minnetonka Classic Drivers.

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