Spring Showers…Require Umbrellas

Spring is here. The weather is warmer, plants are growing, and it is raining…a lot. In preparation for the season of rain I picked up a new umbrella and it has already come in handy.

Umbrellas like all things menswear come at every price point imaginable. Derek from Die! Workwear and Put This On has several nice pieces on umbrellas including high-end bespoke umbrellasnot-so-high-end umbrellas, and Umbrellas: Cheap, Expensive, and Everything In-Between. If you are like me, you are looking for one that is reliable and affordable, and perfect.
Brooks Brothers Outlet UmbrellaMy first new umbrella purchase was a mistake (Pictured above). I was out shopping for others when I saw a BB #1 striped travel umbrella at my local Brooks Brothers outlet. I thought that it would be a fun little umbrella to keep in my work bag for pop-up showers. Plus, it was on sale for $10. The first pop-up shower showed up and I nearly broke the umbrella opening it. Time for a replacement. This was all my fault. I know better.
Brooks Brothers Umbrella

I wasted no time starting my search for umbrella number two. I wanted an umbrella with a little bit of color to brighten up my “uniform” . I struggled to find any that fit the bill until I saw a Brooks Brothers umbrella in their signature tartan (See here). There were two versions a cream option and navy option. I went with the navy as the cream looked a little Burberry-ish. It was more ($80) than I had originally planned on spending, but it checked all of my boxes.

I had the chance to put my new umbrella to some good use this week. It withstood its first rain storm and the accompanying 20 mph winds. It also garnered a few compliments all while feeling sturdy and well made. However, time and a few more storms will be its ultimate test. My ultimate test will be not leaving it behind while I am out and about.

oxford cloth button down
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3 Comments on "Spring Showers…Require Umbrellas"

  1. Roger C. Russell II says:

    I think both of your umbrellas look nice. I would not mind owning either of them. However, It is not something I would do well keeping up with. Also, the passenger side of my car has a lot of scratches on it from people who have sat down in my car passenger seat and then closed their umbrella against my paint. I am more of a raincoat and hat person.

  2. Gary says:

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I admire that great Brooks tartan umbrella, Ox. I’ve become quite umbrella-shy after two experiences in bad storms that whipped my not-inexpensive umbrellas around and turned them into things that look bird cages. I’m thinking of following your example, but I’ll have to keep it furled in the really bad storms and just let myself enjoy a good soaking, I guess.

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    Sorry Ox, umbrellas may be functional but let’s face it, they are boring and a pain to carry around. I too prefer a Burberry and hat. I will admit your choices are nice and no disrespect to those who prefer to use them.

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