What are Polo Belts?

I want to get a leather belt that is thinner than 1.25″. The reason why is that I have grown very accustomed to the thinner front of surcingle belts. I don’t want it to be a dress belt as I plan on wearing it with my 5-pocket cords. This search led me to Sid Mashburn. While looking at their selection of 1″ leather belts I noticed a belt (pictured above) that they referred to as a “polo” belt. I had never heard the term and thought nothing of until I saw a post on polo belts on Red Clay Soul.

I’ve been digging on the polo belts lately.  I love the idea, as well as the culture from which the polo belts originate.  Born in Argentina, they are typically leather belts with color-specific designs woven in to represent a team or a location.  While they’ve been around forever, they were made popular, maybe even mainstream, by royalty:
Polo Belts

Head over to Red Clay Soul for more examples of the polo belt, where to find them, and a few ideas on how to wear them. Read the full post here: Polo Belts by Red Clay Soul

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  1. Hollywood Argyle says:

    Needs more ducks.

  2. Tall Trad says:

    My 22 year old daughter served as a volunteer in Argentina and brought back a polo belt that she gifted me when she returned last spring. My belt is almost identical to the first photo, same colors and pattern, with the leather a lighter, more reddish shade of brown. It is the standard 3.5 cm (1 3/8″) and made of thick cowhide. My daughter tells me that polo belts are ubiquitous in Argentina and can be found in local flea markets and more upscale versions in boutiques throughout Argentina and are commonly worn by men and boys. Today I am pairing my polo belt with jeans and a burgundy plaid button down flannel shirt from Lands’ End. Thanks for your post and link that made me realize that a cherished gift from my daughter has a place within the trad genre.

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