Popovers are still Popular

I wore my Chambray popover this week and I learned something interesting. What I learned is that people love popovers and by people I mean even those that are not into the “look.”
Target Chambray PopverOn casual Friday I broke out my Merona Chambray popover from Target. It was a warm day and I wanted something that looked summery. Before I made to my office I already knew that I had succeeded as I had accumulated a handful of compliments on my way. I found this interesting as I had assumed that the general public would find popovers a little weird. I was wrong. Later I posted on Instagram and got a similar response.
Chambray PopoverThe moral of the story is that popovers are still popping. The ivy/trad crowd loves them and it turns out that the general public likes them too. To top it off Target is offering their popover again this summer for all of $20 (Target Merona Popover). You are welcome. Enjoy!

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

9 Comments on "Popovers are still Popular"

  1. Pat says:

    Thanks for the popover tip. Following your lead last year I bought a blue and a white one on sale.

    Have my eye on the checked one this year. You wear it better than I could ever hope for.

    Great look for you

  2. Andy Gilchrist says:

    Nice one Jerrod.. You look very handsome.


  3. Pat says:

    Stopped by a Target after an appointment the other day and found the checked popover for $13.98
    They had the pink as well but not in my size. There was no sign of the blue. They also had
    a solid blue seersucker long sleeve shirt with a flap pocket for 9.98. Good looking but none left in my

  4. Gibson Gardens says:

    Brilliant look, Ox. Good job you have your own site and can post on Andy’s now that FNB seems to have finally slithered into the trash can of clothing forum history.

  5. Lennart says:

    Nice casual look, it’s got a kind of early 80’s vibe and I really do like the green jacket. Not to much of popovers in Sweden where I live so I never tried them out really. Keep the stylish banner up!! 🙂

  6. Mark Miwords says:

    Great look.

  7. Hilton says:

    Thanks for bringing my attention to the Target popover now offered in pink , Mr. Swanton. I bought one in blue and another in white last year upon your recommendation. I hope that you are well. Please let me know if you ever visit the Washington , DC area. Kind regards.

  8. californian says:

    I love my Target linen blend popover.

  9. Brian says:

    I got a madras long sleeve popover from Brooks Brothers this spring that I liked so much I bought a second one and had it made into short sleeve, it was a success. I get compliments on it frequently, sometimes simply because people are intrigued that it is not a button down.

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