Casual Tartan from Lands’ End

Tartan Casual Shirts

With fall fast approaching I grabbed a few of Lands’ Ends’ Sail Rigger Oxford shirts in Tartan (see here).

I have heard some good things about LE’s Sail Rigger shirts. The good being that they are must-iron and that material feels substantial. On the downside, I have heard that they can fit a little boxy. I have not worn mine yet so I can’t speak to the pros and cons quite yet, but I did buy one traditional fit and one tailored fit (in order to get the patter that I wanted). More to come.
Dress Stewart OCBD
While I have not worn these shirts yet at first glance they appear to a good value. The Tartans are great, finding Tartan OCBDs is rare, and the sales price was fantastic as I got both shirts for under $40. The prices have changed since I purchaed, but the Dress & Black Stewart shirts can still be had for $19.99 (see here) which is a fantastic price. The others are retailing for $49.50, but there is currently a 25% off sale and I am sure that a 40% off event is just around the corner.
Green Tartan OCBD

I am not sure that I mentioned it above, but these are casual shirts. They are alpha-sized (S,M,L) and there is not much collar to roll. I will stick my neck and say that I actually prefer smaller collars on my casual shirts which is a blog post in itself. I see these shirts getting a lot of wear this autumn from casual Friday’s to Sunday hikes and everything in between.

oxford cloth button down
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8 Comments on "Casual Tartan from Lands’ End"

  1. JoelVau says:

    These are OCBDs and not flannel, right? Not sure I would want a non-flannel tartan. But not sure why. I dont even wear my tartan ties until cold weather. But Bean has a wonderful and not too expensive flannel version. Highly recommend it.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      I would buy so much Bean if it fit me! There is small is like every other companies medium. It makes me sad. Don’t underestimate non-flannel Tartans. They are great for casual Friday’s at the office and look amazing underneath of a shetland.

  2. Richard says:

    Most of my OCBD are Lands’ End traditional fit sail riggers. The collars are small and I mainly wear them with ties, but they are good shirts. My only complaint is they are short. Unless I wear long rise pants, these shirts actually work themselves out of my waistband during the course of the day. YMMV.

  3. MostlyTrad says:

    I enjoy the Sail Rigger as a sportshirt and have for many years, the are a good value. The tailored fit works best for me. I am generally a 15.5 X 34 and the Medium is perfect. Nice fabric that takes an ironing well, and as you stated they are available in some nice patterns. Feels good to have some nice untreated cotton against the skin!

  4. Scott says:

    I bought the yellow with blue stripe one and plan on using it for work. It’s nice, but not as nice as my LL Bean OCBD that I (usually) wear just to church. I might snag a plaid one because I don’t have many of those in my (growing) collection of BD shirts.

  5. Paper Clip says:

    I bought three of these last year and love them. The cloth is nice – more substantial than a broadcloth plaid. More casual. I wear them under my Orvis quarter zip sweatshirts. They look great with denim, khaki or cords. I do get them done at the cleaners with no starch.

  6. A says:

    The Sail Rigger OCBDs are surprisingly breathable for their weight. I wear them into the low-80s, as they don’t seem to saturate from normal sweating. One warning is that they shrink significantly after the first dryer. My large standard fits shrunk ~1 inch on the sleeves and the length, and a little more across the chest.

  7. Gamma68 says:

    I’ve been a fan of the LE Oxford cloth Sail Rigger tartans for a few years now. Just don’t expect to wear a tie with them due to the skimpy collar. They do look great with a Shetland sweater or when worn casually (sans tie) with a tweed jacket. A superb buy when on sale (which is pretty much always with the never-ending LE discounts.

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