Trad Summed up in a Single Photograph

If I had to sum up the trad look of the 2000’s in one photo this would be the picture that I choose. I think that it embodies the sentiment of trad style very well. It is far more casual than its forefather ivy league style while at the same time a little more reserved than the preppies that came after, but obviously a product of both.
This is Trad Quinessential Trad Everything about this photo screams trad. The Barbour is quintessential trad when combined with a sport coat or navy blazer. At the same time here we have the Brooks Brothers 1818 sack which is important because it is (I almost write was, because I have heard rumors) one of the last mass-produced 3/2 sack blazers on the market. The shirt is a simple blue university stripe paired with a Brooks Brothers No. 1 Rep (See BB Tie Nomenclature here), but most important here the is collar roll. The chinos are plain front with cuffs and little to no break (Cuff, no break). Finally it is capped off with a pair of penny loafers. Mine are cheapo Weejuns, but if I had unlined Alden LHS from Brooks Brothers I would have featured them.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

15 Comments on "Trad Summed up in a Single Photograph"

  1. Eli says:

    Can I ask whether you wash or dry-clean your khakis? I’ve heard it suggested that cuffs don’t work well in pants that are washed (because the shrinkage causes the cuff to become distorted). Has that been an issue in your experience?

  2. Trad Sleuth says:

    From the BB site:

    “With the introduction of the reverse-stripe rep tie in 1902,
    we continued our tradition of being untraditional.”

  3. Ace says:

    Is that the sage bedale? Trying to decide between olive or sage. Thanks

  4. Lennart says:

    This look is great, I just love it.

  5. oxford cloth button down says:

    Ace – It a Beaufort in olive. I love it.

    Eli – I wash them. I do have to occasionally reshape the cuff when ironing, but I would not say they get distorted. Hope that helps!

  6. Reed says:

    Thanks for the great service this you provide by running this blog, especially for those of us who can’t spend money on clothing in the amounts we’d like.

    I’m a long-armed guy who can’t wear a Barbour. Do you know whether there are any longer-sleeved substitutes that would still achieve the SC/tie/Barbour look? Will any waxed-cotton jacket with a corduroy collar do?

  7. Lennart says:

    Ace, the Bedale is a bit shorter but still no tight fit, I have a Bedale myself in olive. Love those jackets, only one down side, you have to take it off before you drive a car, if you care for the upholstry that is 😉

  8. Hollywood Argyle says:

    Great post. I would suggest one edit, if I might be so bold: I don’t think that Trad screams. It’s just not that bumptious—or woman-like. What to say instead, though? Shout? Holler? Roar? Bellow?

    Regardless of all that, keep up the good work, and keep the faith!

  9. Woodberry says:

    I personally prefer the look we wore in the 1960’s.

    Everything the same, but replace the Barbour with a tan single-breasted London Fog raincoat.

  10. oxford cloth button down says:

    Reed – Thanks! I don’t know of longer armed option, but I do think that any waxed jacket with a cord collar would work. I even think that an LL Bean barn coat would work well.

    Old School – That is perfect!

  11. Charlottesville says:

    Great and very representative look, Jerrod. I bet half of us here could come up with something pretty close from our closets. It sums things up about perfectly. Well done.

  12. Richard says:

    You could teach Brooks Brothers’ current ownership a thing or two, although personally my taste in outerwear agrees with Woodberry’s.

  13. andrew friedman says:

    1. who makes the shirt?
    2. Agree about Alden loafers. I’m partial to shell cordovan because I think it wears better – more money, but if you keep your shoes ten years or more…
    3. I agree you could substitute a Bean field coat.
    4. love how the burgundy tie works with the shirt. i’m partial to repp ties with alternating wide stripes against a university stripe. burgundy and navy for example.

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