Back for Now

Much to the dismay of many of the readers of this blog it has been inaccessible for the past 6 months. To those of you that have spoken up I have listened to you and decided to open up access for the time being. This does not mean that I am back to posting regularly or that the blog will live on indefinitely but for the moment we are back. I hope you all enjoy it.

To commemorate the return I thought I’d drop a few pics of me getting to sport a tie and coat. These days this is a rare occasion. So when I have the opportunity I take it. I even had the chance to take a flick in my old stomping grounds. The nostalgia is on 10 here. One last thing. Vests do work well imho over sport coats as outerwear. Is it trad or not is whole other question.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

16 Comments on "Back for Now"

  1. Loafers & Longwings says:

    Ox is back!!

  2. Old School says:

    Great news!
    Welcome back.

  3. mhj says:

    Welcome back. Been following you on Facebook and Instagram but the is much more informative.

  4. Grey Flannels says:

    I have decided to read every post since 2011, before this blog disappears again.

  5. R.Mill says:

    Thumbs up. Glad to see that ocbd is back!

  6. Joe says:

    Welcome Back!

  7. LST says:

    Great to see you back even if just for a post and it’s nice to be able to cruise the archives again. A great resource. You should consider getting a pattern going even if just to keep that open.

    Otherwise see you on insta!

  8. LST says:

    Regarding my previous post, that should Patreon not pattern. At least cover the hosting and domain registration at the very minimum.

  9. Cameron says:

    Thank you for making the blog accessible again!

  10. Doug says:

    Very happy to see the blog is back, even if only for the chance to peruse the archives. Best wishes to you.

  11. Anglophile Trad says:

    “Back for Now” was a heading that was a sight for sore eyes.
    “Back for Good” would be even better.
    Thanks for contributing to our enjoyment and knowledge.

  12. Andrew K. says:

    For a while, this blog was part of my Sunday morning ritual. The wealth of information, as well as your friendly and pleasant demeanor, was much appreciated. Best wishes for the future!

  13. David G says:

    Grateful to have the archives opened, and thrilled to see a post. Welcome back, even if its for a short while!

  14. Rick R says:

    Thank you for resuming the blog. I learn a lot from your site, and I appreciate how you combine civility with good taste.

  15. Charlottesville says:

    Jerrod – So glad that you are back. I just found out today. We Trad-o-philes have missed you.

  16. SE says:

    OCBD back in action!

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