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I have heard the old adage that a Shetland sweater is a trad’s sweatshirt. While I get where they were going with this I disagree. IMHO nothing beats a good sweatshirt. Especially a nice heavyweight reverse weave version. Plus you will look a little foolish in the gym sporting your Shetland sweater. In honor of the old college sweatshirt I have included some archival pictures of various vintage Champion sportswear products from my Lightning Archives Vintage Champion book. If you are wondering where I got this book checkout my post on ordering from Amazon Japan (see here).

1930s Champion School Sweater
1930s Champion College Half zip Sweater
Late 1940s Cornell Jacket
1980s Yale Equestrian Team Sweatshirt
Harvard Crew Champion Sweatshirt
Vintage Dartmouth Champion Hoodie
1940s Princeton Champion Hoodie
1940-50 CYO Champion Hoodie
1950s Princeton Champion Hoodie
1950s Oregon State Champion Sweatshirt
Vintage Champion Labels
1960s Yale Freshman ISO Tshirt
1950s Champion Tshirt
1960s Maryland Tshirt
1960s Champion Cornell Tshirt
Vintage Champion Labels
1980s Cornell Tshirt
Vintage Champion Football Tshirt Labels
1960s Dartmouth Champion Football Shirt
Vintage Champion Navy Football Shirt
Vintage Champion Ithaca Football Shirt
Vintage Champion Cal Football tshirt
oxford cloth button down
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5 Comments on "Vintage Champion Style"

  1. dianec says:

    Pretty what 100% certain that I have the green Dartmouth fullhood in a bag somewhere.. along with sweats from Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt….I used to wear them in the house but this winter has been too warm!…This post was awesome btw…nice to have you back… for now…..mmmmmn varsity sweats…..

  2. Oliver says:

    Important for people to see that ‘trad’ and more so ‘ivy’ is applicable to sportswear just as much as it is to tailoring.

  3. Greg says:

    Does anybody know the “official name” of the shirts with the detail on the collar in images 14,15,16 (Princeton, Maryland, Cornell)? I know it’s related to rowing, or crew. They are not Henleys, as such, since there are no buttons, but it is certainly evocative of the rowing style, and 60’s collegiate look. I’ve seen them in 60s/70s prep school yearbooks, etc. The closest I’ve come is a company called The Guideboat Company that had a shirt with that collar. Thanks.

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