Bass Weejuns 2020

Bass Weejun Loafers 2020

I am a fan of Bass Weejuns. I know that they are cheap, disposable, and overall poorly made shoes. I also know that there are a lot of nicer options (Alden, Rancourt, Allen Edmonds) for penny loafers out there. Knowing all of this I was still a fan and recently needed replace some badly worn Weejuns.

Not only do I like cheap Weejuns, but I generally opt for the even cheaper outlet versions currently called Walters. They are virtually identical except for the price and the cut out shape on the strap. I made a trip to my local outlet mall to grab a pair of the brown and a pair of the burgundy. I picked up a pair of the burgundy (see above) and I am happy with them but I was disappointed to learn that they were no longer offering an outlet Weejun in brown. They did have a tan pair. It was an awful color.

I really needed a pair of brown Weejuns a lot more than a pair of burgundy ones. My brown pair are my go to loafers. So upon returning home I hopped online and ordered a pair of the non-outlet Logan Weejuns in brown. They were $110 which is $40-50 more than I paid for the outlet Weejuns. Despite the cost difference I was happy to have a pair on the way.

Then they arrived. First, the sizing was way off. They are between a half and whole size larger than my other pairs. The second issue is the leather. While the burgundy are known for being plasticky (I call them plastic shell cordovan) the brown have always been closer to real leather. However the current version of brown is now as plasticky as the burgundy. I was not thrilled to say the least. Next comes the shape. It may be due to sizing but the toe box looks awfully narrow and long. This narrowness along with the length makes the toe box seem square. Needless to say I was not thrilled and they will go back.

Like I said, I like Weejuns. They have the best shape, fit me well, they are affordable, and they are always accessible (I hate trying to buy shoes online). However the fact that the brown leather is now on par with burgundy leather (if you can call it leather) and the shape is starting to shift I might have to look for an alternative. Before I stray too far I will probably return to the outlet to checkout the beefroll version in brown.

Brown Bass Weejun 2020
Brown Bass Logan Weejun 2020
2020 Bass Weejuns Comparison

2020 Brown Bass Logan Weejuns vs 2020 Outlet Burgundy Bass Walter Weejuns
Brown Bass Weejun Loafers 2020 Toe Box
That toe box looks a little square to me.

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17 Comments on "Bass Weejuns 2020"

  1. Good to see you back in the saddle. For the time being at least.

    Best Regards,


  2. Dutch Uncle says:

    I remove the shiny finish with lighter fluid.
    Probably nail polish remover would work too.

  3. Thomas E. Friedman says:

    Spring for the Allen Edmonds.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      I might have to revisit. I purchased a pair of Patriots or Cavanaughs years back but could not get a satisfactory fit.

      Any other models at AE worth looking at?

      • Chris says:

        I love the Randolph at AE. I have four pair.

      • Trip says:

        I have a pair of the Waldens and they’ve served me well for 10+ years. I believe the Kenwood are on the same last, and while I would typically avoid them because they’re a beef roll, I do like the fact that the tongue has a pinking edge.

  4. Tom says:

    I really like the shape of my Lormoc by Lorens loafers. A shame they only come in the beefroll style.


  5. Bluchermoc says:

    My go to is the outlet beefroll weejun.

  6. NCJack says:

    While we aficionados decry the plasticy Weejun, most of the populace sees a fairly attractive shoe. I have a pair in “Black Cherry” with rubber soles, and they make a great wet weather shoe: non-slip and tough.

  7. Andrew K. says:

    I have a burgundy pair from Rockport, “beefroll” style which I prefer.
    Affordable, fit perfectly, and ridiculously comfortable.

  8. Stan says:

    Hi! Welcome back. So good to see you posting again and I love Weejuns. Thanks for all you do!

  9. Brett says:

    Great to see you back on line again! And as always, such timely thoughts. My ancient soft-leather brown Eastland loafer just suffered a likely career-ending crack in the sole. I’m looking for brown loafers too and have to admit, I’m not thrilled with the plasticized Weejuns. Your observations and other’s comments are, as always, most helpful.

  10. Fred Johnson says:

    Yes there are better loafers.. but somehow the basic simplicity of the plain Weejuns is its real charm. I have been wearing them ever since Barrie Ltd in New Haven closed years ago.

  11. I highly recommend Rancourt’s Beef Roll Penny Loafer. They have a wonderful chunkiness combined with a soft silhouette that makes them the ideal casual, American trad loafer. They may cost more, but make a a great investment. I’ve resolved mine three times and are the most comfortable shoe I own by a mile. Plus, they’re one of the last Maine shoemakers around, owned by the actual Rancourt family. Worth supporting.

  12. Vern Trotter says:

    I have been wearing Bass Weejuns since 1955. Still the original brown with shoe shine boy applied black polish, a must apply. The beef roll should be banned.

  13. andrew friedman says:

    I went the other direction with shoes. Really good leather lasts a long time, and I figure paying to resole occasionally but keeping them for ten or twenty years ends up costing about the same…for a much nicer pair of shoes. Two pair of loafer in my closet: Rancourt Beefroll penny loafers in Carolina Brown (light-ish weathered brown) with Lactae Hevea crepe soles. Mock me if you want, but these are a very different beast from a pair of hushpuppies, made from Horween leather. The soles are compromise for comfort and weather resistance. The other pair are Alden shell cordovan penny loafers, color 8 (burgundy), no beefroll. Shell cordovan is horsehide. Shoes made from shell cordovan cost a bloody fortune. The leather is stiff, you need to break them in by wearing, and they form to your feet over a month or two. Once they break in, they are very comfortable if you like a relatively heavy, solid shoe. properly cared for and resoled every several years or so, even if worn all the time, the top ‘shell’ will last for years if not decades. I’m wearing a pair of Alden shell cordovan plain toe bluchers today as i type this, more formal than loafers but more versatile than wing tips.

  14. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    I absolutely love Bass Weejuns and just purchased 2 pair of the Walter penny loafers in black and burgandy. I’m 63 years young and born and raised in McAllen, Texas in the USA. I was raised in a modest home and can’t recall even caring about what shoes I wore in elementary school. It was in Jr High School that i first laid eyes on the Bass Weejuns as the well to do kids all wore them. Back then it was customary to insert a bright copper penny (preferably with your birth year) in the slot at the front of the shoe. I can’t recall the price back then but they were out of my prince range. Maybe $25 or so. I remember mowing lawns and performing odd jobs and saving enough money to purchase my first pair just in time for the school year. They were so beautiful and i can remember the smell of the leather even. Just today, after unboxing my new pair of penny loafers and admiring them on the exterior i gently breathed them from the interior and the new smell took me back 50 years. Some things you never forget. Best wishes to all.

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