The Best Polo Shirt in 2023

I’d like to tell you that this post is a deep dive into all the potential polo shirts that can be had in 2023, but it’s not. I should probably change the title to, my go to polo shirt in 2023. A even more accurate title might be, my go to polo shirt. Don’t be too disheartened they are great shirts. Now let me tell you a little about them.

What I look for in a polo shirt is pretty straight forward. It needs to be all cotton. It should have more than 1 button, but less than 3. That means 2 buttons is the right number (and don’t button them both). It should also be available in the standard colors, available in general, and not cost an arm and a leg. It sounds simple, but that’s a tall order in 2023.

The Lands’ End mesh polo shirt meets all the criteria above (see here). First and foremost, it’s all cotton which alone is amazing in this day and age. The mesh cotton weave may not be as breathable as tech fabric, but I find it far more comfortable and far better looking. It has the perfect number of buttons which we have established is 2. It comes in all the right colors including the triad of trad (Shout-out to RWK!) which is navy, forest green, & burgundy. Perhaps best of all is that it is available season after season at a reasonable price of $26.95 plus LE always sales.

I’ve been wearing these polos for at least the past 7 years. You can dress them up or treat them like t-shirts. I do both. They work either way. My favorite color is the forest green, followed by white, and then the not as trad purple. The purple feels very Ralph Lauren-ish, in a good way. I find the navy to be too close to black for my taste. I like the burgundy but only in long sleeve format. With that being said, don’t sleep on the long sleeve version of these polos either as they are perfect for cooler weather (see here). It’s nice to see that there are still some affordable options for the basics that don’t require a lot of compromise. My suggestion is to get them while the getting’s good.

oxford cloth button down
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7 Comments on "The Best Polo Shirt in 2023"

  1. Keith says:

    Have these changed recently? Looks like they may be using a stain-repellant finish on the fabric:

    “Well, now they’ll have even more reasons to cheer, thanks to a few improvements. Including true-to-their-hue colors that resist fading wear after wear, wash after wash, the virtual elimination of pesky pills and a stain-release finish that shrugs off spills.”

    Also found some info on these types of finishes:

  2. Future Fogey says:

    Love the long sleeve. Long sleeve polo shirt is much slept on.

    Throwing in Criquet Shirts, especially or anyone in the golfing set. The main line features FOUR buttons, which at the time of this writing is at least one more than three. Not strictly trad but highly recommend.

  3. RWK says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Good choice of colors all around, and I agree about the purple; “very Ralph Lauren,” as you say, and I think it works well in the contexts shown.

  4. UHB says:

    Thanks for the write-up. How do these fit compared to Brooks Brothers traditional fit polos, if you happen to know? I’m a small in some brand polos (like BB) and a medium in others (like PRL).

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      I am not familiar with those polos, but I think that they fit on the smaller side of small. Based on other Ralph Lauren clothes I own I would say it’s similar in sizing. Sorry I couldnt be of more help!

  5. JJ says:

    I’ve always liked the 100% pique PRL…they wear like iron and get better with age. Agreed the forest green is great. I’d like to try Mashburn’s polo. Their atypical point collar is intriguing. I struggle wearing a normal polo with a blazer. Sid might have solved that?

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