A Quick Preview

O'Connell's OCBD

I have been slacking off. That’s not totally true. I have been busy. Just not with the blog. I do have a few things in the works so I thought I’d give you a preview real quick.

Here’s what’s coming. I snagged a J.Press Pennant label tweed from the sales section. It’s hard for me to find RTW sport coats that fit. This line might be the one for me. I have a lightweight unlined OCBD from O’Connell’s for the approaching warm weather and a pair of their chinos on deck. Both look promising. That’s it for now. Reviews to come soon!

J.Press Pennant Label Tweed Sport Coat

O'Connell's OCBD
oxford cloth button down
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4 Comments on "A Quick Preview"

  1. Tie Clip says:

    Nice one Ox! Out of curiosity how come you went for a solid mid blue OCBD instead of a pink one or a stripe/checked shirt.
    Also don’t you have a very similar tweed sports coat from J. Press pennant line already?

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Tie Clip, I wear blue 9/10 times so blue is always the color that I need. I have a brown unlined and unstructured summer tweed from the Pennant line in addition to this one. So they are similar in that they are tweed, but very different apart from that. Hope all is well!

  2. Kaaterskill says:

    Any further review on the O’Connell khakis?

    I have a pair in my cart, and I’m just curious how you’re liking them.

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