Bass Weejuns 2020

Bass Weejun Loafers 2020

I am a fan of Bass Weejuns. I know that they are cheap, disposable, and overall poorly made shoes. I also know that there are a lot of nicer options (Alden, Rancourt, Allen Edmonds) for penny loafers out there. Knowing all of this I was still a fan and recently needed replace some badly worn Weejuns.

Not only do I like cheap Weejuns, but I generally opt for the even cheaper outlet versions currently called Walters. They are virtually identical except for the price and the cut out shape on the strap. I made a trip to my local outlet mall to grab a pair of the brown and a pair of the burgundy. I picked up a pair of the burgundy (see above) and I am happy with them but I was disappointed to learn that they were no longer offering an outlet Weejun in brown. They did have a tan pair. It was an awful color.

I really needed a pair of brown Weejuns a lot more than a pair of burgundy ones. My brown pair are my go to loafers. So upon returning home I hopped online and ordered a pair of the non-outlet Logan Weejuns in brown. They were $110 which is $40-50 more than I paid for the outlet Weejuns. Despite the cost difference I was happy to have a pair on the way.

Then they arrived. First, the sizing was way off. They are between a half and whole size larger than my other pairs. The second issue is the leather. While the burgundy are known for being plasticky (I call them plastic shell cordovan) the brown have always been closer to real leather. However the current version of brown is now as plasticky as the burgundy. I was not thrilled to say the least. Next comes the shape. It may be due to sizing but the toe box looks awfully narrow and long. This narrowness along with the length makes the toe box seem square. Needless to say I was not thrilled and they will go back.

Like I said, I like Weejuns. They have the best shape, fit me well, they are affordable, and they are always accessible (I hate trying to buy shoes online). However the fact that the brown leather is now on par with burgundy leather (if you can call it leather) and the shape is starting to shift I might have to look for an alternative. Before I stray too far I will probably return to the outlet to checkout the beefroll version in brown.

Brown Bass Weejun 2020
Brown Bass Logan Weejun 2020
2020 Bass Weejuns Comparison

2020 Brown Bass Logan Weejuns vs 2020 Outlet Burgundy Bass Walter Weejuns
Brown Bass Weejun Loafers 2020 Toe Box
That toe box looks a little square to me.

Vintage Champion Style

Lightning Archives Vintage Champion

I have heard the old adage that a Shetland sweater is a trad’s sweatshirt. While I get where they were going with this I disagree. IMHO nothing beats a good sweatshirt. Especially a nice heavyweight reverse weave version. Plus you will look a little foolish in the gym sporting your Shetland sweater. In honor of the old college sweatshirt I have included some archival pictures of various vintage Champion sportswear products from my Lightning Archives Vintage Champion book. If you are wondering where I got this book checkout my post on ordering from Amazon Japan (see here).

1930s Champion School Sweater
1930s Champion College Half zip Sweater
Late 1940s Cornell Jacket
1980s Yale Equestrian Team Sweatshirt
Harvard Crew Champion Sweatshirt
Vintage Dartmouth Champion Hoodie
1940s Princeton Champion Hoodie
1940-50 CYO Champion Hoodie
1950s Princeton Champion Hoodie
1950s Oregon State Champion Sweatshirt
Vintage Champion Labels
1960s Yale Freshman ISO Tshirt
1950s Champion Tshirt
1960s Maryland Tshirt
1960s Champion Cornell Tshirt
Vintage Champion Labels
1980s Cornell Tshirt
Vintage Champion Football Tshirt Labels
1960s Dartmouth Champion Football Shirt
Vintage Champion Navy Football Shirt
Vintage Champion Ithaca Football Shirt
Vintage Champion Cal Football tshirt

Back for Now

Much to the dismay of many of the readers of this blog it has been inaccessible for the past 6 months. To those of you that have spoken up I have listened to you and decided to open up access for the time being. This does not mean that I am back to posting regularly or that the blog will live on indefinitely but for the moment we are back. I hope you all enjoy it.

To commemorate the return I thought I’d drop a few pics of me getting to sport a tie and coat. These days this is a rare occasion. So when I have the opportunity I take it. I even had the chance to take a flick in my old stomping grounds. The nostalgia is on 10 here. One last thing. Vests do work well imho over sport coats as outerwear. Is it trad or not is whole other question.

Where in the World is OCBD?

While this is not my official retirement post. I do want to let everyone know that I will not be posting regularly for the time being. I don’t know what the future of the Oxford Cloth Button Blog is (I have a few ideas), but I want to thank you all for your encouragement, participation, insights, and everything in between.


The Best Madras of 2019

This is a simple post. I wanted to find out who has the best madras shirts in 2019. Best madras is very subjective. I myself like a really good muddy madras so that’s what I am focusing on. It is also about the fabric, but the internet makes that part a little harder. Here we go.

What is a muddy madras you ask? I am talking about earth-tone madras typically a variety browns and greens with red, yellow, or orange highlights. These madras may seem a little conservative when compared with their bright pink or pastel brothers but don’t overlook them. They are easy to wear (especially good in hot autumn weather) and easy to look at while still offering up some really wonderful patterns. If you find madras hard to wear these shirts are your friend.

I found three places with a good muddy madras. No surprises here either with the three being J.Press, John Simons, and O’Connells. They are in the $100 and up market, but this really shouldn’t shock any of us at this point. They all do look nice though. All three stores also have a lot of other nice madras shirts.

John Simons Madras
John Simons Madras
J.Press Popover Madras
J.Press Madras
O”Connells Madras