Shetland Market Watch

Shetland Bubble Burst

This season’s Shaggy Dogs have dropped over at J.Press, but the prices have not. Staying true to their street name Squeeze is putting exactly that upon us Shetland loving trads for a total of $245. How soon they will surpass the $300 mark?

I am starting to wonder if this market has a ceiling. I don’t remember the prices last year, but over the past decade Shetland prices appear to have soared to all-time highs. I wonder if we will see the Shetland market bubble burst in the near future or if they will only become more rare?

This price is far outside of my normal comfort range. I say normal, because I have nickel and dimed way to a substantial store credit. This is due to the ever-beloved no refunds on items on sale more than 25%. That is all to say that a dog may have followed me home.
J.Press Real Shaggy Dog



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7 Comments on "Shetland Market Watch"

  1. Lin says:

    Hope you share what you bought.

  2. SFSteve says:

    Genuinely ignorant here . . . what accounts for the $100+ price premium over other crew neck Shetland sweaters?

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    SFSteve – I wish that I had a good answer to your question, but I don’t. Brushed Shetlands are less common than regular Shetlands which are becoming more and more rare. This may play a small part in the price, but I think the premium price has more to do with the iconic name, “Shaggy Dog.”

  4. CAY says:

    Shaggy Dogs are beautiful sweaters, though, despite the high cost. There is nothing else like them that I have found. I notice, too, that at the end of the season, JPress has little inventory left at the New Haven store. People buy them.

  5. SFSteve says:

    I thought you might respond with an answer like “they contain twice as much wool as the others.” A brand new Harley of Scotland Shetland sweater (which may be the source for those offered by O’Connell’s, but I’m sure not certain about that) weighs in at 10 oz.

  6. SFSteve says:

    The 2015 Red Fleece Shetlands have popped up on the BB website. They come with logo. Pass.

  7. oxford cloth button down says:

    SFSteve – I agree on the pass. Too many good logo-less options to go that route.

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