Brooks Brothers Own Make Fall 2015

I might as well keep the fall updates coming. This week in the world of trad Brooks Brothers Own Make label introduced their fall line-up. Own Make is described as, “Inspired by iconic styles from the Brooks Brothers archives and made in the USA,” but we all know it as the line with the 3/2 sacks.
Own Make Blue Herringbone
Own Make Harris TweedThree items in the collection stood out to me. One is a blue herringbone sport coat (top picture) that is not pure blue, but more of a blue-brown mix. I would like to see this fabric in person. There is also a great Harris Tweed Check sport coat. This is my favorite piece out of the collection. The color and pattern on this one is spot-on. The third item is a suit, and it is a very sharp looking navy Donegal suit. All three pieces mentioned are of course 3/2 sack models with hooked vents and swelled edges.
Blue Donegal Own Make SuitIf nothing else I am glad to see Brooks Brothers to keep the Own Make line going. The prices are what you would expect when it comes to sport coats/suits, but the trousers and shirts prices are pretty high. However, I am sure that they can be had for less during one of BB’s many sales. I saw some of last year’s items hit incredibly low prices over the summer.  The styling this year is much better. I was impressed that the items appeared to  fit the models. I haven’t seen this from Brooks in quite a while. I hope it spreads to BB’s other lines. All in all this is a solid showing from Own Make.

oxford cloth button down
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7 Comments on "Brooks Brothers Own Make Fall 2015"

  1. NCTrad says:

    Jerrod, Any idea what the fit is like on the 2/3 sacks? They don’t look like the Cambridge model, thank goodness, but I don’t see specifics on the fit.

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    NC Trad – Good question. I don’t know, but my wild guess is Regent fit. I say that, because that model is referenced throughout last year’s models and they look similar. At some point I think that all e-commerce clothing sites will have to include garment specific measurements as some of the more hip sites (like Mr. Porter) do now.

  3. Etymologue says:

    With those waists that clearly belong on jackets at least one size smaller, they don’t look like authentıc sacks to me.

  4. Charlottesville says:

    Thanks, Jerrod. These look promising. I tried a new Own Make on for size earlier this summer in NY. I can vouch for it being much closer to the classic fit than last fall’s iteration of Own Make, which was short and tight, like the Cambridge, but it still is a bit snugger than my old Makers suits from the 80s. However it is a step in the right direction. I look forward to taking a look the next time I am in Washington or New York (my local BB is small and unlikely to carry anything beyond the basics).

  5. heag says:

    Off-topic but check out Bryan Cranston as Lyndon B johnson sporting a nice slim lapel sack

  6. NaturalShoulder says:

    I assume the cut and fit on the jackets are likely the same for everything in the Own Make line, but the shoulders on the Harris tweed look better than the others. Perhaps it is just angle of model in the pictures. In any event, it is good to see from Brooks.

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