Things That I Would Buy at Brooks Brothers RN

Last week I bad mouthed Brooks Brothers offerings here in the USA. This week I am going to switch it up. While I wish they brought some of what they are doing in Japan over here there are still a few things that I would buy over at the Brethren. Especially when they are on sale.

It feels like there is one thing that Brooks Brothers is still doing well. That thing is sport shirts. While not the most exciting and for those of us that generally transition worn-out work shirts to sport shits they may be a bit self defeating, but they do have their place. That place for me is the weekend, but could also include weeknight activities, casual Friday’s, and and any other time that you want to look nice, but not like you came from or are going to the office.

Below are my top sport shirt picks from Brooks Brothers sales section. There are a lot of nice tradly fabrics such as pinwale cord, broadcloth, poplin, Portuguese flannel, and no stretch or non-iron in sight. I picked the colors and patterns that I liked even if I can’t pull them all off like the foulard print which is gorgeous. There is more where this came from on the site including a lot of fun shirts, madras, and linen. Plus different colors and patterns of my picks below. While Brooks may not always give us what we want they still have a few gems here and there. As the saying goes, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

oxford cloth button down
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4 Comments on "Things That I Would Buy at Brooks Brothers RN"

  1. Trip says:

    I’ve had a Brooks Bros Mastercard that I got almost 20 years ago that gives me rewards points for spending. That is no longer my primary credit card, so the number of points I get has severely diminished. But last time I had around $40 (I think maybe a year ago), I literally could not find anything that I wanted to buy. They ended up going unspent as a result. I think your choices of sport shirts are a good way to go if they fit a person well. However, based on my limited experience with Brooks’ sport shirts, I feel like the second button is too high (an issue addressed on Seinfeld). They look awkward when buttoned up, but then also might look a little too “jaunty” if left unbuttoned. Perhaps that’s a personal problem, though.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      That’s good feedback, Trip! Being a Seinfeld fan I know exactly what you are talking about. I also know from real life about the second button being up in “no man’s land” lol. Maybe I will take one for the team and investigate.

  2. michael powell says:

    Went to the website to score that fun stripe shirt, They didn’t have my size. In fact, I’m seeing fewer Trad cut BB shirts even on Ebay.

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